What’s the Difference? Why you want to plan a baby sprinkle

I often get asked what is the big difference?

Usually when people ask me that I know that they aren’t familiar with the current baby shower scene. In fact they may never have been invited to one before. If they have it is probably a while ago.

Today you it can be hard to attend a baby shower and not see how chaotic they have become. The trend for “bigger better” showers has only continued to grow. But there is a small group of women that can’t or won’t put themselves through the mega event that a baby shower has become. That is one reason why the baby sprinkle has grown in popularity over the last few years.

When I was first introduced to the idea I thought that it was almost like the baby showers of bygone years. And if you think that the baby sprinkle is more manageable you would be right. They really try to stay away from the overdone style that has become so popular today. You can see this in the baby sprinkle invitations and other items you can find to style your party. They are more akin to the older, simpler style of accessories you may be used to. The reason is as simple as the showers themselves. They are simple because you don’t need matching everything, coordinated napkins and table runners, fitting themed deserts and games that embody the theme of your baby shower.

The charm of getting invited to a baby sprinkle comes from the thought of spending a fun afternoon together with friends in an environment that encourages conversation and connection.

A modern baby shower on the other hand losses that charm that it tries so hard to embody. The reason for this is easy to see.

By focusing so hard on getting everything right the hostess runs the risk of taking some of the personality out of the celebration. It can become almost sterile. While this is almost never the case when you plan a baby sprinkle.

All of the steps involved in getting the baby sprinkle worked out enable you to focus on the parts that make it special.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have matching everything. You don’t need it. And the hostesses that started the trend know that better than most.

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