Fun Ideas for a Baby Boy Sprinkle

When you host a baby shower for a little boy, you are in fact hosting one of the oldest styles of shower. When baby showers first started they had two types. Those for little boys and those for little girls. And that was it. In fact they were at one time an opportunity for a young mother’s friends and families to gather together and shower her with gifts that she would need for the coming moths and year.

That has fallen a little to the wayside today, in fact it has all but become a second thought, where it was once the primary thought behind the shower.

Baby sprinkles for boys bring this back into the focus and make it a celebration to remember.

If you are concerned that a gendered baby sprinkle isn’t appropriate, rest assured that they are the main style of sprinkle that is celebrated. While you can easily plan for a unisex sprinkle the majority of them are held for girls or boys that will be arriving soon.

A boy sprinkle will often focus on a blue color scheme. And while there isn’t a lot of variation they are themed with a specific idea in mind.

The baby sprinkle has allowed the boy and girl baby shower a chance to make a comeback, with the fancier shower that are being celebrated the more traditional ideas are being pushed aside for a fancier alternative.

We’re glad that they weren’t totally forgotten though, and that they live on in the form of a baby sprinkle.

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