You’re in for a Sprinkle, Not a Shower

When you were asked to host the baby shower you were thrilled. Then you started to research what you got yourself into and you were terrified. If that describes you you are looking for a baby sprinkle!

What is a Baby Sprinkle?

A baby sprinkle is your solution to the every growing trend to step back and tone the baby shower down until it is once again manageable. It isn’t uncommon for a hostess to spend months planning and preparing for what is called the baby shower. Baby showers have become increasingly popular in the last few years and so has the trend of making them bigger and bigger. Many people will slave over what was once a simple celebration with an almost party like quality.

Baby Sprinkle Oreos
Baby Sprinkle Oreos

Today though this charm has been pushed to the side in favor of creating an extravagant celebration that has little in common with the festivities that have now been pushed aside.

The baby sprinkle is a movement to bring back the fun that used to be common to the shower.

As the name entails, they are a smaller type of celebration, with a strong emphasis on what is important. That is, coming together and creating a warm fun atmosphere that is rewarding to everyone that is present.

If that sounds like something you are interested in, then you have come to the right place. We take a look at all of the ways you can say bon voyage to the shower and hello to the sprinkle.

Invitations for a Baby Sprinkle

There are many different options when it comes to a baby shower. That can’t be said about the sprinkle, though there are amazing options out there if you know where to look. We’ve seen some amazing baby sprinkle invitations that truly understand the meaning behind the simplified movement. They offer a cute, sweet take on what itself is supposed to be a cute and sweet way to celebrate a simple sprinkle shower.

When you pick out an invitation you want it to reflex the character of the party. As you can imagine this is very much the case when you look at the different baby shower invitations available on the market.

When it comes to a baby sprinkle, the invitation needs to fulfill the same purpose. But that doesn’t mean filling it full of fancy designs and lots of graphics.

A baby sprinkle invitation is best when it simple. By embracing the fact that you will be hosting a simple baby shower, a sprinkle of one to be correct, you want your invites to shows this as clearly as possible.

Many people may not know what a “sprinkle” really is. And that means you will have to help them understand what you will be hosting. While the invitations might say baby sprinkle, unless your guests hop online they might not know right away what you mean. A simple clean card will help you convey this point in a clear, simple fashion that will make your plans come across clearly.

There are three things that a baby sprinkle invitation should do. These are as follows.

Invite Your Guests

Of course this makes complete sense, but if you are going through the trouble of buying or making invitations you want them to invite your guests to the sprinkle. That said, many people will tend to forget this when they set out to find the “oh – my – god” absolute perfect invitation for their baby shower,

Since you will be hosting a sprinkle you can actually focus on what is important to getting the day planned and prepared for without the extras that might distract you from the end goal.

And that is getting people to your party.

They Look Cute

Of course that doesn’t mean that you need to forgo the charm of a cute invitation. Thankfully you don’t need to. There are many great options, not as many as for a shower, but more than enough to pick from. And in most cases the invitations are as cute if not cuter than their shower counterparts.

One aspect that makes them more appealing is that they focus on what is really important, the honoree of the sprinkle and add the embellishments to the design that really matter.

When you look at shower invitations you will often notice that the really important parts are the ones that tend to get hidden by the overall design. While that isn’t to say that there aren’t incredible baby shower invitations, there are, still a baby sprinkle gives you more opportunities to find a fitting invitation.

They Come in all Shapes and Sizes

Some concerned users have asked if they can find a certain size or shape for their sprinkle invitations. This concern stems from the fact that the baby sprinkle is still in its infancy. The trend started a few years ago as the shower continued to grow. And while they still might be relatively new there are a lot of great options out there for you to pick from.

Cute Party Decor
Cute Party Decor

On top of that there are plenty of resource and template options that allow you to design your own sprinkle invites and to shape a new take on them without needing years of craft experience.

As you can see you aren’t making any concessions when you choose to host a baby sprinkle. Instead you are making a conscious effort to pick out the most important parts of a shower and highlight them. An invitation helps you do this by keeping your baby sprinkle on track and allowing your guests to get an idea of what you have in mind.

But cute invitations aren’t the only thing a baby sprinkle brings with it. They are popular for more reasons, and our next one is certain to put a smile on your face.

They Are Affordable

Another great reason in our opinion to choose a sprinkle is the price. While it might not be a factor for you, baby showers can be expensive. And we are certain that, while, you want to show mommy how important she is, you don’t need to spend a small fortune doing it.

Much of the expense of a baby shower comes in the form of the theme. When you pick a nautical baby shower as the topic you will go all out making sure that everything matches. The food, the drinks, and the decoration all reflect this fact. And in the case of our nautical shower this is usually in the form of blue food coloring. But as you can imagine this all adds up, and at the end of the day the effect isn’t any different than the baby shower equivalent.

And many people will tell you that the relaxed atmosphere created by a baby sprinkle is more appealing than a shower that has went through a meticulous amount of planning.

The average baby sprinkle will cost you a fraction of what a shower would and the result are the same. And they are nearly as versatile.

Types of Baby Sprinkles

Another concern that you may have when you plan a baby sprinkle is that you won’t be able to take it into a certain direction. That you may end up with something bland or even generic. Well rest assured that unless you want that to happen, nine times out of ten that will not be the case.

Sprinkle Gift Bags
Sprinkle Gift Bags

You see just because your goal with a baby sprinkle is to tone down the overall celebration, that does not mean that you need to skip it all together.

A baby sprinkle is as easy to create a theme for as a shower. But there is the added benefit that a.) you don’t need to pick a theme if you don’t want to and b.) you are free to make it as small or as large of a feature of the sprinkle as you want.

When you picked a theme for a traditional baby shower it usually went like this:

  • A baby shower for a girl
  • A baby shower for a boy

Twenty years ago that was about as complicated as it got. Well, at least if the guest of honor wasn’t having twins. Today there are a wide range of gendered and gender neutral themes that you can choose from.

And you are free to base your sprinkle around any of these. It just depends on what you are comfortable with planning and what will appeal to the new mommy. Thought it is worth noting that it is common for the sprinkle to take on one of the two aforementioned forms of the traditional baby shower.

So now let us look at the celebration from a different perspective.

Ponder, Implement, then Party

I like to call this PIP for short. That is, you ponder the party and then you implement the party.

When you plan a modern baby shower you need to plan the entire event with meticulous detail. This takes a lot of time and puts a lot of importance on each of the different steps so that if one falls out you are left hurrying to find a replacement.

In this case a baby sprinkle is a lot more hands off.

There is no need to go through the entire process of planning out the entire day because you don’t need to.

Sprinkle Invites
Sprinkle Invites

Much of the planning that goes into the sprinkle is at the macro level. That means that you make a general plan based on a specific idea that you may have. You then go about building on top of that so that, while in the end it will take the shape that you want, in the planning stage it is really just a matter of putting some larger building blocks together.

By taking the importance out of the small details that go into the often hectic baby shower you can relax knowing that if something small doesn’t work it won’t ruin your vision. The reason is that you are not thinking small, you are thinking big. And your plans will be more stable because of this.

When it comes time to host the party it will be more manageable. You won’t feel like an event planner, stressed out and happy when the day is done. You will be confident that things will work out and if they don’t it won’t matter. This is the benefit that a baby sprinkle offers, and it is why hostesses have been raving about them.

That is the strength behind my PIP philosophy.

And here is how you do just that.

The Three Steps to Baby Sprinkle

Lets go one step further and break the different stages of PIP down so that you can see how they work together to bring you the best baby sprinkle you can host.

  1. Step 1.
    • This is the ponder stage of the baby sprinkle. This is a fun time when you get to put together all sorts of crazy ideas and in general think big. This is the part where, if you hadn’t planned on the sprinkle you would create one of those large complicated baby showers. The stage here is the same for both. The only difference is that you are imagining a shower that will turn into a sprinkle and the others are planning a shower that will turn into a downpour.
  2. Step 2.
    • This is where the difference between a baby shower and a sprinkle really becomes obvious. It is important that you look at all of the ideas that you put together in the first step and start to get rid of the ones that are a.) too extravagant b.) too complicated or c.) too time consuming. When you pick out the things that are the most important, that are the closest to your original idea you can help ensure that you will have a manageable party that embodies all of the aspects of the celebration without going overboard. This is really the greatest strength of a baby sprinkle and it is important that you stay true to the goals that you placed in front of you when you started.
  3. Step 3.
    • Of course there will be work involved in getting the sprinkle ready, getting your guests taken care of and making sure the sprinkle goes along without a hitch, but they are more doable when you plan them small. When you have less to do you have more time to enjoy the celebration. It gives you more time to catchup creating a friendlies setting for everyone that is present. And then you get to clean up. Thankfully this is usually also easier.

Surprise, Sprinkles!

This one is tricky. But when the question comes, “can I throw a surprise sprinkle?” We usually need to ask the question: will it be what the guest of honor expects? In most cases the answer is usually yes* with a small asterisk next to it.

Many women often find the modern baby shower overwhelming. And though that is “many”, that is by no means “all”.

Just like it is important to know when to hold the shower, it is important to acknowledge who you will be holding it for as well.

One risk that you might encounter if you throw a surprise baby sprinkle is that it might not be clear to the surprised guest of honor that the intent isn’t on the modern baby shower, but rather the sprinkle variant. If the young lady is used to extravagant parties then it may come as a shock to her that the shower isn’t much more than a drizzle. In cases like this you might want to take certain aspects into consideration before you settle on the baby sprinkle.

In general however, this form of celebration is ideal for a surprise party. One of the main reasons a baby sprinkle works so well is due to its relatively small size and forgiving nature when it comes to making plans. These are all things that you need when plan a surprise party of any type.

So if you think that she will be thrilled with a sprinkle of fun as well as enjoys the idea of a surprise party then you will be well on your way to a successful baby sprinkle.

Your Baby Sprinkles

We have plenty of great resources to help you stay on track and plan for a successful baby sprinkle. If you have questions please feel free to contact us or leave a comment on our blog.

To get the most out of the baby shower you don’t need to plan for an overly complicated or extravagant celebration. Sometimes the simplest things in life are some of the most rewarding.

Is it time for you to plan a sprinkle?

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